Stop vets euthanising healthy dogs when options are available to save them.

Legislate scanning of all healthy or treatable animals prior to euthanasia. Check for rescue back up, match keeper with presenter and exhaust all options available to save them by contacting rescues or breeders who should take accountability for pups they breed. Gov funding is needed for rescues.

Despite RCVS updating their code of conduct to include scanning for RBU prior to euthanasia, healthy dogs are still being killed unnecessarily, including lockdown pups. It is unacceptable for any animal with an option available to save it to lose its life purely because of a failure in a duty of care by vets. In lockdown, too many dogs were bred recklessly and now rescues are full and struggling financially with abandoned young dogs and many are being killed under the age of 3 years. #TuksLaw

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