Strays Update 11/05/09 & Plan

A mixed news days today. We STILL haven’t caught the 4th baby kitten abandoned on the rocks. This is worrying as the poor little thing is now alone out there while the 3 others are sleeping with Nicola in her bed and eating well! Tomorrow they will come to the protectoria with us to be checked over by Miguel. They seem healthy enough, unlike the 5 we picked up after Xmas who all had very bad colds. Today I de-fleed them having checked the Frontline spray dosage for tinnies online. The little white one just has slightly infected eyes and is only 500g but he seems feisty enough.

Good news re. our very sick feral cat. Today Pam and George spotted him looking skeletal and seemingly on his last legs but he then promptly ate 2 tins of pate. It appears whatever ailment was stopping him eating is clearing and he is ready to recover. These animals seem to have amazing powers of resistance. When I saw him his eyes were terrible and he was struggling to even lap, but maybe just a VERY bad cold is passing, and now that he is eating George intends to mix in some antibiotics. George did want to take a closer look but when he tried to pick the cat up, the ungrateful feral bit him SO there is definitely fighting spirit left in this one!

Tomorrow along with the kittens we are taking our 2 beautiful, remaining rock cats to be tested by Miguel before we embark on final plans to get these lovely tame creatures ready to go to Germany for re-homing, and in the evening Tommy our old warrior, FIV positive cat goes to Begona for his first vaccinations. We will be taking things nice and slow and well paced with this one to protect his immune system from any overload.

Final news for today is that, despite walking all around the waste ground and looking in the adjacent empty villa’s gardens, I have still seen no sign of Mimi’s kittens. She remains VERY hungry and starts calling from the bushes as soon as she has eaten, but I think she is taunting me for now! Meanwhile her beau, the big bruiser Tomcat, is now happier to be touched than Mimi herself. He is definitely now on my list, but whether just for castration or more, we will see depending on how tame he becomes. I actually think given some care he would be quite a handsome chap, and he doesn’t appear to be particularly aggressive. We will see.

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