Strays Update 19/05/09

Just a quick update on our foster cats. The four baby kittens are doing REALLY well. Even the smallest is now close to 1kg which is fantastic. Meanwhile Tommy’s coat improves daily and I await confirmation of his ‘forever’ home, AND a flight partner to get him to Germany by the least stressful route.

Caesar/Kasper has finally started purring at Pam’s and is obviously very happy. I also await confirmation that he has a new home to go to. He will travel we think now on June 5th via the 24h transport.

Joining him will be the 2 rock siblings, Harvey and Greta, who have clean blood test results and just need a couple more injections to be ready to travel.

Other news is that the very sick black cat from Darsena one is still eating well, including 3 tins of tuna from George yesterday, so things are looking more hopeful for him, and the little ginger Jasper with the bruised paw is back from Gisela’s and for now is fine and back out in Darsena 2.

And finally we are close to rescuing our second dog of the year, as Pam has taken over the feeding of a small abandoned fellow, and we are aiming to take it up to the dog rescue some time next week.

2 thoughts on “Strays Update 19/05/09

  1. Chris

    Good to see things ‘as normal’ while I was away 🙂

  2. Pam Roberts

    This is a most unusual cat – he just craves affection and every evening when he joins up with my 3 cats and dog he jumps onto my knee and refuses to move – he gazes up at me and trills.He gets on well with my menagerie and wants to play with my huge male cat Capone and just ignores my dog.He eats anything put in front of him, loves to be brushed and never never stops talking and is definitely a ‘people’ cat.He wouldnt survive if left on his own all day so hope he can be rehomed with a ‘stay at home’ person.

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