Street Licensing where you live

As lockdown begins to ease, and restrictions on outdoor activities are lifted, restaurants and cafes will soon be allowed to open their doors to customers again.

Lots of businesses will be applying to their local council for pavement licenses to increase the number of people they can serve outside.

However, pavement furniture – such as tables and chairs – can block pavements and be hazardous for people with sight loss, leading to people changing their routes, stepping onto the road or avoiding areas with lots of street clutter altogether.

Last year the rules in England for applying for these licenses were temporarily changed to speed-up applications. This slashed the consultation period required to allow local people to have their say about the impact that street furniture might have on them. The government have now extended the period that these rapid licenses can be awarded, and we are concerned that without reasonable consultation there will be a big increase in street clutter on already-crowded pavement.

Please will you sign a petition to councils and ask them to ensure that your local high street is safe and accessible for everyone?

Sign the petition

By taking action, you’ll be helping make sure that people with sight loss do not miss out on the benefits of the relaxation of lockdown.

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