Stuck in Limbo – Dogs Now Have a Chance

A kind and caring female soldier found Koda right outside of the base. Their bond was immediate. 

Her words say it all: 

“She was a puppy maybe 5 weeks old covered in flies, fleas, ticks, dirt, and disease. I couldn’t help but cry while prying the ticks off her tiny little body. 

She had the saddest eyes when she looked up at me. Koda was asking for help, and I knew I had to be the one to do it.”

Will you help rescue Koda or another pet like her? Your donation of $35 will help reunite Koda with the soldier who loves her.

This incredible soldier had to hide Koda on base because pets are not allowed. But somehow, the commander found out.  

It breaks my heart to tell you this, Chris, but the commander threatened to have Koda shot if she remained on base. 

The soldier did exactly what you or I would have done. She found a safe place for Koda and started working to bring Koda to safety in the U.S. 

Unfortunately, Koda remained stuck overseas because of new CDC guidelines for importing pets. Her soldier said a tearful goodbye, but she has never given up hope. 

Now, we have a chance to get Koda and 11 other dogs to Canada, where they will quarantine before traveling onward to their forever homes with the U.S. soldiers who love them.  

This is more complicated and costly than ever before because of the CDC guidelines. We are counting on generous people like you to sponsor their travel costs. Can you sponsor one or more of them? 

Your donation will mean the world to these dogs and their soldiers.    

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