17/12/12: Suri is a beautiful little lady who unfortunately for her was also not wanted by her original owner. When I first went to Pechina in the summer I saw Suri then, so I know she has been there for most of this year, and as she is now only about 18 months old, she must have been a very young cat when she arrived. Despite not getting much love and attention, Suri remains a lovely affectionate cat who is happy to be stroked, and she will be getting a lot more cuddles soon. Suri luck has recently changed and she is now reserved in Germany and will be traveling to her new family in January. For now I have moved her to a private foster home so that we can ensure she is completely healthy. Enjoy her photos. It is easy to see why someone in Germany has fallen in love with her.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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