Sweet dogs Peaches and Percy were mutilated when they arrived at the shelter

Pit Bulls Were Found Severely Injured, Most Likely From Being Used as Bait for Dog Fighting. Justice for Percy and Peaches!

When cops responded to reports of animal cruelty in New Jersey, they found four pit bulls, one who was already dead and another died from traumatic injuries a short while later. Of the two that remained, a sweet pup named Peaches is likely permanently disabled and experienced extreme physical trauma as a dog fighting “bait dog,” but will hopefully make a full recovery and be adopted soon. Another dog, Percy, who was brought to the same shelter days later with similar injuries consistent with the life and torture of a “bait dog,” was not so lucky and passed away.

Dog fighting is still extremely common, and part of the reason such a horrifically violent form of abuse still takes place across the country is because so many perpetrators get away with it. The dogs’ injuries make it all but certain that this was a textbook case of dog fighting and baiting. Are the police going to do anything about it? We must protect any other dogs that are experiencing this abuse right now, or might in the future! Millville & Carneys Point Police should conduct a full, exhaustive investigation! Sign the petition now if you want justice for Peaches and Percy!

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