Snoopy & Luke Kittens

Snoopy & Luke are finally settled in a forever home together, with a lovely older cat called Simba, who seemed very happy to have 2 new little friends from the …

AlStrays Update: 17/11/09

Ok once again an update is long overdue, my only excuse being that I have been spending so much time getting cats and kittens to the vet and ready to …

Snoopy & Luke Photos

Happy Snoopy & Luke Snoopy & Luke have been in their new home in Germany about a month now, and everything is going brilliantly. ShareTweet0 Shares

News From Germany

News from Germany over the past week is great: MOST important is that big Tommy is getting on fine with his housemate Socks, so we are now very hopeful that …

Update: 95 AND Counting!!!

An update is long overdue. I have been away in the UK for 2 weeks, with at times patchy internet access, and this week my priority has been getting the …

Pippa & Friends

I took this yesterday of little, playful Pippa having fun. Lutz was joining in, but Luke and Snoopy were feeling sleepy after a big meal! Enjoy!!! ShareTweet0 Shares

Foster Cats Update 25/08/09

Thought it was time for a quick update on all our foster cats … we currently have 18! This includes a beautiful new 6-week old kitten that Jean and George …

Very Cute Felix Kitten

Baby Felix Felix has changed a lot in the last few weeks; he now looks more like a minature cat and is VERY cute! ShareTweet0 Shares

Snoopy & Luke

Little Luke Snoopy and Luke are now looking a lot more relaxed and happy than in the first pictures I took of them! ShareTweet0 Shares

Latest Rescue Kittens

Little Luke Meet our latest rescues little Luke (more white) and Snoopy his slightly feistier brother! These 2 were found by Monica hungry in her garden. She fed them for …