AlStrays This Week 16/06/10

The last week has brought us 6 news cats, more enquiries, and some great and, in one case, rather unexpected news from Germany. ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Tigre Cat’s Play Photos

Tigre has now been in his foster home in Germany for about 3 weeks, and we are still waiting for someone to fall in love with our beautiful boy. I …

Happy Tigre Cat

Just received the first pictures of Tigre in Germany. He is looking very contented in his foster home! ShareTweetShare0 Shares

ALStrays This Week

Sunday April 11th All arrived safe and well in Egelsbach, Germany. I am awaiting more detailed news in the next couple of days! ShareTweetShare0 Shares

ALStrays This Week

Tuesday March 30th Since my update yesterday we have now caught the beautiful kitten from near H@cker bar and ALSO the little dog that used to be with the tramp …

Meet Tigre Cat

This is Tigre. He is a beautiful, gentle boy. He is still a little shy, but is a lovely tame cat. He turned up in the port about 2 weeks …

ALStrays This Week

Sunday March 14th Great news this morning, that all our cats have arrived safely in Germany. We did get our 4 boxes on the transport and Chivers, Lucia, Cosmo, Marty …