Happy Xabi Kitten

One VERY Contented Kitten Here is Xabi in his new home, and I’m not sure a cat could look more relaxed and contented! ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Cat News From Germany

Eddy Bird Watching I love getting these photos from Germany of happy Spanish cats in their new homes! ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Xabi & Chivers News

This afternoon I got news of our final 2 kittens that arrived in Germany yesterday. This slight delay was because Martina didn’t get home until midnight last night and was …


Good and bad news this evening. Tommy’s test result came back, and it is now confirmed without doubt that he is FIV positive. This does not mean that he cannot …

Xabi Kitten

A Special One Xabi is very special to me, because he is the grandson of my Mummy cat Saidi. ShareTweetShare0 Shares

Meet Xabi Kitten

SOooo Sweeet This morning we caught, on our first attempt, Mimi’s little kitten. He is GORGEOUS and I have named him Xabi after Xabi Alonso, so now he is a …