Take action: Parliament to debate a ban on cages

On 20th June, MPs will be debating the future of cages for farmed animals.

As you might know, over 109,000 people signed the parliamentary petition, led by Compassion Patron Deborah Meaden, that called on the UK Government to End the Cage Age for all farmed animals.

Following emails to members of the Petition Committee from Compassion supporters, this issue has now been scheduled for discussion in Parliament. So, we have the chance to put more pressure on the Government to make the UK a cage-free country. Will you ask your MP to attend the debate?

To free more than 16 million British hens and pigs from suffering in cages each year, we need as many MPs as possible to speak in support of the campaign to End the Cage Age.

Email your MP today.Ask them to attend the debate on 20th June and help give more farmed animals a life worth living.

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