Taping dogs’ mouths closed endangers their lives

She Taped Her Dogs’ Mouths Shut. She Needs Thorough Pet Training.

Authorities recently discovered that a woman in Irvine, California had used heavy-duty masking tape to seal multiple dogs’ snouts shut. Of the five dogs and two puppies found on her property, three had snouts taped closed.

Sign the petition to demand that authorities require this dog owner to undergo intensive dog training classes to ensure future animals are safe!

Officials learned about the animal abuse after neighbors heard multiple dogs whimpering outside their owner’s home.

The dogs were otherwise in good health, with no signs of overt neglect. But taping a dog’s snout shut is illegal for good reason, because it can cause intense distress, panic, hyperventilation, pain, and even cut off blood circulation, which itself can lead to serious injuries.

The woman in this situation is young and has fully cooperated with officials. She stated that she was trying to keep other animals safe by preventing her dogs from biting. But of course the best solution for biting problems is dog and owner training — which is what she clearly needs.

Authorities in Irvine, California must mandate intensive dog training for this pet owner in order to protect other dogs from further mistreatment!

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