Tara, Holly & Coco – 3 Older Lady Cats

30/12/12: Tara, Holly and Coco are 3, 9-year old ladies that were abandoned in the garden by their previous owner when she sold her house. Fortunately the new owner of the house, Ana, has cared enough to feed them, give them some love, and even take them to the vet for vaccinations. Unfortunately she cannot keep them long-term because her husband is very allergic to the girls. I have therefore been searching for a solution for some time. Now things have become even more urgent because Ana and her husband have plans to go away for some time, early in the new year, and these lovely older ladies are not used to finding food and looking after themselves. Tara is already safe because she traveled to a foster home in Germany on the December transport but her 2 sisters are increasingly at risk.

Tara was a little afraid in her first foster home in Germany. I think being taken from the only home she had ever known, being parted from her sisters, and finding herself inside when she had been mainly an outside cat, was all too much for her. She has in the last few days been able to move to Uschi, a very experienced foster Mum, who takes our very nervous cats for us. Already from the new photos I can see that Tara is looking much more relaxed and has made friends with Uschi. This is great to see, and I hope she will be settled in a permanent home soon. For her 2 sisters I still need to find a safe place, but I am sure I will find a way in time and I will try to keep Holly and Coco together. Here’s hoping for some good news soon.

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