Teo & Tigra Video

As I write this we have had Teo for nearly 5 months (time does fly!) and Tigra for a week.

Teo was unplanned, and like most unplanned events has turned out to be one of the best things that we have done! Like many rescue animals life had obviously been tough for the handsome fella, but he is such a sweet, loyal and friendly do. As with Saidi (our eldest rescue cat) it seems like he lost out on his youth, never had the chance to be a puppy, and so while he was happy to walk and run and be with us, he showed little interest in toys etc.

Enter Tigra! A young Galga that had a terrible start to life, but has retained an amazing and energetic desire to play. Now fully recovered from her poor start in life and broken leg she remains nervous of people, but given it is only a week she has bonded brilliantly with Teo and immediately trusted Sands and I.

What is really great is that she has brought out the puppy in Teo and they are now playing, running, chewing and fighting throughout the day. She takes her lead from Teo when out and about and seeks his security when people are around, but in the apartment she is amazingly confident.

Have put together a small collection of the videos we have taken of them both. Not the best quality (all taken on Samsung S3 which is great but they are not done on a proper video) but they show how well they are getting on.

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