Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read ALL the information on the site relating to the transport of your animal with ALStrays Transport. In submitting a booking request you are confirming that you have read these terms and conditions, the relevant information on the site, and that you are in agreement with everything.


ALL booking must be made through the booking form on the site, and confirmed by us with unique booking reference by email.

The person submitting the booking form will be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided, that the funds are in place to pay for the transport, and they will be the single point of contact for arranging the booking. They and they alone will be provided with access to the password protected Transport Page. It is their responsibility to ensure that anyone involved in the pick up or drop off is aware of the details, although we will of course confirm directly FIVE days before the transport.

We DO NOT accept provisional bookings under any circumstances.


A 25% non refundable deposit is required to secure your booking, and until this is paid your booking is not confirmed and could be allocated to another enquiry as we operate a ‘first come first served’ system.

Payment in full is required SEVEN days in advance of the transport date (Preferred Travel Partners have separate terms) and if payment is not received we reserve the right to re-allocate your space to another animal.

You MUST ensure that you pay any fees (Bank, PayPal etc) when transferring funds as unless we receive the full price your transport will not have been paid for.


The person making the booking is responsible for ALL the paperwork relevant to the transport: Pet Passport, TRACES document, Health Certificate, Declaration of Owner. We will not accept an animal on board if there are ANY issues with the paperwork, nor will we provide a refund.

The person making the booking is responsible for ensuring that we have all the contact details for the pick up and drop off, and that the people concerned have read and understood the terms and conditions. In particular if we have arranged a meeting point you must be prepared to watch the updates on the transport page and arrive up to 2 hours early. We have to build contingency into the schedule but if we get a good run we can be early. It is unsafe for us to park with animals on board and it is unfair on everyone else on the transport if you delay them receiving their pets earlier.

Once we have accepted the animal on board it becomes our responsibility so we will check the paperwork and microchip before loading the animal. In the event that the pet isn’t allowed into the UK due to an issue with their passport then we will cover any kennel costs and the cost of returning the pet to the point we collected it in Spain. Please note this ONLY relates to an issue with the passport. If for example the dog becomes too ill to travel, or is deemed a dangerous breed etc then we can not accept responsibility.

Tip: DO NOT try to alter any paperwork yourself. In the event of a mistake ask a vet to clearly cross out the original entry and redo it along with their stamp and signature.

We MUST have all the paperwork completed and submitted seven (7) days prior to the transport in order that we can complete the schedule and give everybody time to make their arrangements. We also need to submit the route for TRACES so once we have ‘closed’ the transpprt page (seven (7) days before the transport) there can be no additions.

While it is totally optional that you submit copies of pet passport (for animals traveling to the UK please bear in mind that any issues with the passport and we can not load your pet. IF you are sending the animal to us via courier it is MANDATORY that we have received and confirmed the pet passport is correct before you send the animal, as we can not accept an animal if we have not confirmed the pet passport is correct)

Preparing Your Pet For Transport

Please ensure that all animals have been treated for fleas, ticks and ear mites, and that all dogs have been tested for leishmania. Although this is not a DEFRA requirement it is something that we insist on for all dogs that travel with us. It is also mandatory that all dogs travelling across an EU border on one of our transports are wormed 1-5 days prior to transport. To avoid any doubt or risk to transport we insist on this and publish a suggested worming date on each transport page. As we regularly run transports to Europe and UK these conditions are for the welfare of the animals.

We will only transport rescue animals from either an approved rescue association or a foster home NOT directly from a Perrera. TRACES is required for ALL rescue animals being re-homed which means that the association sending the animal must a) be registered for TRACES and b) be the registered owner. One key aspect of TRACES is that it provides the authorities the ability to ‘trace’ the ownership (and exchange of ownership) of the animal so that in the event of illness etc the original owner can be contacted and the medical and treatment history of the animal be provided. If an animal has gone straight from a Pererra this just isn’t possible, and in addition there is not enough knowledge of the animal to assess how it will travel (or indeed react in a new home but that is a separate issue as we believe that animals should only be re-homed from experiences rescue facilities or foster homes to the true nature of the animal has been assessed over a period of time and in a variety of situations). If an animal goes from a Perrera to a ‘TRACES Registered Facility’ for 48 hours and then on a transport that is an abuse of the TRACES system and puts the animals welfare at risk along with the licenses of the transporter and any association involved in the re-homing and we are not your transport company if that is how you want to do things.

Transporting Your Animal

ALL dogs must travel in our cages so we know the configuration of boxes and cages on each transport. We use three sizes of cage depending on the size and number of dogs traveling: 109x69x75cm, 89x60x66cm and 78x55x61cm. Please confirm the size of your dog when making your booking.

Please check with us regarding the size of the dog as we pre load a number of specific cages depending on the number and sizes of dogs we are transporting so if your dog is bigger than we are expecting we can’t guarantee to take it. If the dog is significantly larger than stated on the booking form we reserve the right not to take it, and no refund will be given. It is the responsibility of the person booking the transport to be comfortable with the size of the cages as only you know the exact size of the dog. If when we collect the dog it is in our opinion too large for the designated cage we reserve the right to not take the dog or to charge extra if space allows.

The cat boxes MUST be approved in advance, so if you have any doubts please check this page for the dimensions that we can accept, and the water bowl MUST be fitted securely INSIDE the box (please use tie wraps to secure) but empty, and the cat should not have been fed since 6pm the night before.

In the unfortunate situation of an animal becoming ill on route we will divert to the nearest possible vet for treatment and will take their advice and their advice alone as to the necessary course of action. We will inform the owner at all times and will update the schedule for the other customers as soon as possible on the Transport Page.

Do NOT sedate your animal in any way prior to travel. We do not agree with this and will refuse to transport the animal and you will have to pay the full price.

IF in the unfortunate event that a pet we transport doesn’t settle in the UK and needs to be returned to Spain we will do this for FREE for dogs that we have transported to the UK. We only offer this service for the UK. We will endeavour to return a pet delivered to Europe but a fee will apply. And you will need to sort out TRACES for a returning rehomed pet.

Do not muzzle your dog. As we need to feed and water the dog en route if it is so dangerous that it requires a muzzle we can’t take it.

Please provide an adequate lead and collar/harness. We use our own leads during the transport and carry enough for one per dog should an emergency arise BUT we do need all dogs to travel with a collar or harness as we can not provide leads to people receiving the dogs.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that we have to re-arrange a transport due to illness, weather, industrial action, acts of god, mechanical break down i.e. anything outside of our control we will NOT provide a refund but we will re-schedule the transport for the first available date.

In the event that we decide to cancel a transport i.e. not enough bookings, then we will provide a full refund to those already booked on.

In the event that you cancel your booking, for any reason we will NOT provide a refund but IF we can fill the space we will pay you what we receive for the new booking, up to the value of your own booking, less the 25% non refundable deposit.

In brief our refund policy is: in the event that we cancel your booking (for reasons within our control) we will provide a full refund. In the event that an animal is too sick to travel we will allocate it a space on our next available transport. In the even that the animal can’t travel because of issues with paperwork, non arrival at pick up location etc we will not provide a refund, nor will we allocate a space on our next available transport.

Our fault, we pay. Animals illness, we reallocate. Your fault, you pay.

4 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions

  1. Karoline Schmidt

    Hi, I have read your new website with a lot of interest. And I would like to use you for future transports. But I am a bit unsure about the TRACES documents.
    Could you please explain what for documents this are?

    Thank you.

  2. Chris

    TRACES is the EU wide system which allows one government vet (from the country the animal is being sent from) to notify the government vet in the country receiving the animal that a re-homed cat or dog is being transported. It ensures the paperwork is correct, that the animal has been inspected and that the transport company conforms to the necessary standards. It isn’t something that a transport company can be registered for so the paperwork must come from the organisation sending the animal. If you need any further information please email us.

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