Terrifying footage shows a trainer brutally kicking dogs

A Dog Trainer Brutally Abused Pets, But Can Still Legally Own and Work With Animals

When people drop their dogs off with a trainer, they want their dogs to be safe. Many imagine that a trainer understands dogs in a way many of the rest of us do not. But when pet owners in Florida dropped their animals off at the local trainer’s business, they had no idea that they were leaving them with a violent abuser.

Terrifying footage shows a trainer brutally kicking dogs and choking them. In the videos, the woman picks up dogs by the leash around their neck and then hangs their leash up high on a pole, forcing the poor animals to stand on their hind legs to avoid choking to death.

A person able to inflict this much pain on an innocent animal should simply never be allowed to own or work with animals again. She also must be sentenced to mandatory counseling. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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