The brutal sport of horse jump races must end

They Forced This Horse to Race. He Broke His Neck, Lived Long Enough to Suffer, Then Was Killed.

A third horse has just died during the 175th Grand National horse racing festival in Liverpool, England — all in a span of just three days.

There is no way to justify this amount of death for humans’ entertainment. Sign the petition to end jump racing at the Grand National Festival in the UK!

The Grand National Festival compels horses to jump over multiple dangerous hurdles, while racing down one of the world’s longest tracks. Meanwhile, the horses’ riders are using violent whips, forcing them to run faster through the course.

The intensity of these exertions puts horrific pressure on the animals’ necks, backs, and legs. It’s no wonder that so many horses wind up dead every single year during this race.

How can anyone try to stand up for this callous tradition? Jump racing puts horses through tremendous risks and danger – just so spectators can have a nice time safely watching from the bleachers. It is incalculably cruel.

Help us stand up for defenseless horses. Sign the petition to demand that officials finally end deadly jump racing at the Grand National Festival!

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