The Cost Of Using Incorrect Rabies Vaccination

On our transport page we provide a link to this post warning people about the correct rabies vaccinations to use as it is very common in Spain to use a ‘weaker’ vaccination (Rabisyva VP-13), which requires two dosages to be injected for the animal to be protected against rabies.

I have lost track of the number of times I have had the debate (as if it was my rule!), with the most frequent response been that “it wont matter”.

That may be the case, but any TRACES registered vet worth his salt will reject the animals passport if it doesn’t have the correct vaccinations in, and we have certainly seen our fair share rejected over the years from people who just refused to think the rule applied to them.

If you are transporting under the Pets Scheme you will probably have no issue getting into the UK (assuming that is where you are going) as pet passport don’t necessarily check the type of vaccination (although I have known them to in Calais).

But where you might have an issue is when/if DEFRA inspect the animal, which could be at anytime and could be as a result of the vet in the UK contacting them when the animal is taken in at some time in the future.

I recently received this email regarding a dog that was transported to the UK (not by us), which shows the costs and potential risk to the animals when people don’t use the correct vaccinations:

The have now heard back from DEFRA and XXXX Council, who are now in the process of serving them with an order for XXXX with the following 3 options:

Option 1 is to have Registered Transport to collect XXXX and transport him to XXXX for further vaccinations and four weeks in quarantine at a cost of £1,250 which we would be liable for – half of which is due immediately.

Option 2 – is to have XXXX destroyed immediately, which again we would be liable for.

Option 3 – XXXX is returned to Spain, again via Registered Transport, with any associated costs again liable.

A decision must be made before the end of the afternoon or the decision is likely to be taken out of their hands.

It really does pay to make time to read, understand and adhere to the rules.

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