The cruel imprisonment of whales has got to end. Now.

Captivity Is Torture for Sweet, Intelligent, Social Whales. This Bill Could Keep Whales Wild and Happy!

For years, animal rights groups have been sounding the alarm on the horrific treatment of sea mammals in zoos and aquariums. Shortened lifespans, intense psychological turmoil, and many more horrors plague these social, intelligent creatures when they are confined in small tanks. Yet wildlife entertainment prisons like SeaWorld continue to exist, making millions of dollars each year off of the captivity and display of trapped mammals. But a historic new bill in Congress could be a huge step towards keeping whales free and happy.

The Strengthening Welfare in Marine Settings Act would protect four types of whales: orcas, beluga whales, false killer whales, and pilot whales. The bill would ban breeding programs, wild roundups, and animal imports and exports, which directly supply the terrible industry in which captive whales suffer. While the bill itself doesn’t make captive display illegal, it cuts off the supply of animals at all sources, and will hopefully pave the way for a future free from cruel captivity.

Imprisoning whales only benefits the humans who stand to make money from displaying them. Sign the petition now to tell our elected officials in Congress to protect whales from the torture of captivity! Pass the Strengthening Welfare in Marine Settings Act today!

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