The iconic conch shell is at higher risk of extinction than scientists knew

When did we become so uncaring as to let species become extinct? The Iconic Florida Horse Conch Is on the Brink of Extinction!

Florida horse conches are one of the world’s largest invertebrates. They are marvelous creatures, capable of prolific reproduction. Some of these Florida natives give birth to as many as 28,000 offspring in a single year! But this iconic species, and the state shell, is at higher risk of extinction than scientists previously understood. Now, conservations are scrambling to encourage the state of Florida to act quickly and grant much-needed funds to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Sign now to show you support funding the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to do research to save the Florida horse conch!

For many years, scientists believed the shells could live up to half a century, but recent studies show they only live for about 10 years. While the conches give birth to thousands of offspring, many do not live long enough to reproduce. The best way to protect this beloved species is to give scientists funding to better study the invertebrates and make a conservation plan. Sign the petition now to put pressure on the state legislature in Florida to do the right thing and save a species on the brink of extinction!

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