The Siam-mix Kitten Family

11/01/28: Yesterday I posted photos of Sombra and Snowy in their new home. Today it is Smudge’s turn, and I LOVE his new, very fluffy, little friend!

Matt says that he is not surprised they are so close already, as Smudge is a very confident, friendly little chap!

Smudge & Friend

11/01/27: Smudge, Spot, Snowy and Sombra all travelled to adoptants on the transport to Germany on January 21st.

Already news and great photos are coming in. Below are the first of the 2 girls, who have a forever home together. They look VERY happy.

AND the other news is that Spot and Jasmin are also fine, and little nervous Jasmin was sitting on her new Mum’s lap the day after she arrived. All great!

Snowy & Sombra

Snowy & Sombra

Snowy & Sombra

11/01/08: Time to meet Smudge, Spot, and their sisters, Snowy and Sombra, AND Jasmin who at the end of January will become Spot’s new best girlfriend!

All 5 of these lovely kittens now have adoptants in Germany. Sombra and Snowy the 2 girls have a home together, Spot has one with Jasmin, and we must wait to see photos of Smudge in his new home to meet his new cat friend.

Jasmin is one of the Subway kittens and a little more feral than the brothers and sisters who were rescued with their beautiful tame mother, Elizabeth, by the San Animal Sanctuario near Lorca. All were born around the beginning of September, so Jasmin is the same age, and we hope will love and gain confidence from Spot, whom she will meet hopefully next week, so that they can travel to Germany together as friends.

I was contacted by the San Animal Sanctuario via PAWs as they were struggling to find homes for these beautiful kittens, but within hours of their photos going up on the home pages of the German charity I work with, Smudge, Snowy, Sombra and Spot had their adoptants, and many more people who also wanted them were put on a waiting list for our next siam-mix litter. Spot’s adoptant wanted a second siam-mix kitten so Jasmin found her home too. All these homes have since been checked and everything is fine, so all 5 will hopefully be happy and settled in just a couple more weeks.

AND the other good news is that beautiful Mum Elizabeth has also found a family, here in Spain.

For now her kids are enjoying life in foster Dad Matt’s conservatory, whilst Jasmin has been learning to trust humans at Diane’s. I think you will agree, they are all gorgeous!






Sombra & Smudge

Spot & Mum Elizabeth


Spot, Sombra, Smudge & Snow

AND Jasmin


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  2. John

    Those kittens are gorgeous! Sombra looks exactly like my best friend Dave’s cat! I just love the piercing blue eyes with the grey facial markings! What mix is this exactly? My friend saved his from a pound and he has no clue what breed or mix it is.

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