The staff and animals at this animal rescue in Kabul are in grave danger

A royal marine veteran named Paul Farthing founded the animal sanctuary and charity Nowzad in Kabul, Afghanistan fifteen years ago, rescuing stray dogs and cats, companion animals, working equines, abused donkeys, and many other animals in need of care and attention. But now, Paul, his staff, and all their animals are at risk of being captured and punished by the Taliban, which have taken power in the capital city.

The staff at the Nowzad sanctuary don’t fall under the two existing schemes for interpreters and British government workers to be evacuated, which may mean that they could be abandoned in Kabul. Farthing is fighting hard to use his status as a British citizen in order to bring safety and freedom to his entire staff and animals, but it is unclear what will become of them. The British Government must take action and help Paul, his staff, and his animals find safety in the United Kingdom. Sign now and tell the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to take immediate action and rescue these heroes and the animals they saved!

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