The ugly truth about what happens to animals on America’s farms is being hidden from us

Agony, Torture, and Fear Are “Normal Farming Operations” in the U.S. Tell Congress to Take Action!

While every state has laws to protect animals, farm animals are often left out of the picture. Most anti-cruelty laws exclude “normal” practices in the farm industry — no matter how painful for the animals — so the industry can continue making money. And federally, there’s not a single law on the books that protects “animals when they’re on a farm.” This means that horrific practices, like burning off calves’ horns without pain relief or slowly cooking live pigs to death, are completely legal!

Although the best way to change these literally torturous practices would be to expose them to the public, “ag-gag” laws make that difficult. Typically, ag-gag laws make it a crime to do things like secretly film factory farms or slaughterhouses. In the agricultural industry, a rich and politically influential colossus, this leaves thousands of animals in terrifying danger across the US.

Currently, ag-gag laws are totally legal in 6 states. What we really need to make legal is exposing unnecessary cruelty. And the tides are turning — recent cases in states like Iowa and Pennsylvania are putting the power back in the hands of animal protectors, not the exploiters. Sign the petition to urge Congress to pass legislation banning ag-gag laws so we can expose animal cruelty on farms!

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