The UK must ban these cruel cages for animals now

The UK Promised to Prioritize Animal Welfare. Now It’s Planning the Opposite. Ban Battery Cage Eggs Now!

As the UK continues to navigate its exit from the European Union and enter new trading arrangements, there’s a real danger that animals will end up paying a hefty — and cruel — price.

Right now, the UK is preparing to enter a new trade deal that would allow it to import eggs produced in horrifying battery cage conditions.

In this system, handlers lock multiple hens into tiny cages together, to the point where they can’t move, stretch their wings, or take care of themselves. It’s not a natural way to live, and needless to say, creates intense psychological stress as well as physical diseases.

Not only are battery cages horribly brutal for the animals imprisoned inside them, they’re also not healthy for humans. In these cramped, filthy conditions, infections spread rapidly — contaminating human food sources.

That’s why battery cages are falling out of favor around the world, including in the European Union, which has voted to ban them.

Sign the petition to demand the UK reverse this plan and instead ban battery egg imports!

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