The woman who neglected these dogs to death can still legally own helpless animals

A Woman Abused and Neglected 66 Dogs, Some to the Point of Death. Under Current Law, She Can Own Animals Again!

In many states, even the most heinous abusers are allowed to keep animals again in their lifetime. Defenseless pets are left entirely unprotected by penalties that consist of only jail time and fines. Take, for example, the 2016 case of a Maryland woman who was hoarding and neglecting 66 dogs. Each of the poor pups needed medical treatment, but three of the dogs tragically had to be euthanized — they were beyond help. But according to the law, this woman would be able to own animals again in a few short years. That means right now, she could be in possession of more helpless dogs.

The silver lining of this case is that it made decision makers take note. Now, they’re taking action. A bill proposed by Maryland Senator Ben Kramer would give the court the ability to prevent abusers like this woman from owning animals ever again. This bill would finally protect animals in a meaningful, enforceable way! And who knows? Maybe if it is passed, it will lead to similar bills in other states. The animals of Maryland, and the entire United States, need this law. Sign the petition and lend your voice to the animals that don’t have one by asking Maryland’s Senate to pass this bill without delay!

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