The zoo neglected this elephant. She died a preventable death.

How Many More Animals Will Suffer From Terrible Abuse Before Karachi Zoo Is Shut Down?

Yet again, Karachi Zoo in Pakistan is in the news for poor management, animal neglect, and rampant abuse. This time, the zoo is coming under fire over food shortages for animals and disputes between the former zoo director – who is apparently refusing to vacate his position – and the newly appointed director.

Even worse, animals are dying. Visitors have recently shared that a lioness apparently died alone in her enclosure. Then, on April 22, Noor Jehan the elephant died after staff neglected her following a dangerous fall.

Sign now to tell Karachi Municipal Commissioner Syed Shujaat Hussain to shut down Karachi Zoo for good!

Four Paws, the veterinary organization that tried to save Noor Jehan, explained that the zoo’s neglectful treatment led to this elephant’s injuries, illnesses, and death. Now the organization has added its voice to the chorus of groups demanding that officials close this deadly zoo.

Over the past few years, celebrities and activists have sounded the alarm because multiple animals at the zoo were enduring traumatic conditions. One animal, Ramoo the bear, was starving and without water. An elephant fought for her life while staff forced her to still give rides to children.

Do we need any more evidence that this zoo is miserable for the animals who are forced to live there? 

All animals held in captivity at Karachi Zoo should be sent to sanctuaries where they can finally live in peace. Authorities in Pakistan must finally shut down the zoo! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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