Therapy dog Spunky was tortured nearly to death

A Woman Tortured This Puppy With a Blowtorch and Cigarettes. Justice for Spunky!

A Pennsylvania man recently went through every dog owner’s nightmare — he came home to his 10-month-old puppy, Spunky, on the brink of death.  Sweet Spunky had been tortured by the man’s girlfriend with a blowtorch, cigarettes, and blunt force.

Spunky’s body was covered in second and third degree burns. She had cigarette burns inside her ears, mouth, and on her tongue. Spunky’s owner also said that her genitalia had been blowtorched inside and out, and one of her teeth had fallen out from blunt force trauma.

The fact that Spunky survived this attack is a true miracle. But we must ensure this never happens again. Sign the petition and demand this woman be sentenced to mandatory counseling and a lifetime ban on animal ownership!

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