There are some sights that move you so deeply, you NEVER FORGET THEM!

In the Bosnian town of Trebinje, street dogs are being tossed on a garbage dump and left to starve, be eaten by flies and die alone in pain! We have a plan to build a shelter and SAVE ALL 70 DOGS! This cannot wait. Please, help us today!

There are some sights that move you so deeply, you NEVER FORGET THEM! When our team saw the heart-rending situation of street dogs in the Bosnian town of Trebinje, words failed us.

Dogs are considered vermin in Trebinje. Those poor creatures unlucky enough to be captured by the municipal dog catcher find themselves chucked on a garbage dump and into a LIFE OF HELL.

The dump stinks, it is covered in flies and when the garbage is burned, which happens frequently, the dogs find themselves breathing fetid air while fighting off flies and disease. They don’t live long. Living conditions are so bad that between 70 percent and 90 percent of puppies taken there die almost immediately.

We told you before about poor Ljupče (pronounced: loop-che), the victim of a hit and run car driver. She was mown down and left to suffer with her leg severed. Against all odds, Ljupče is still alive even though we discovered she has a potentially fatal disease called Leishmaniasis. We’re paying for her treatment, Ljupče’s name means ‘lovely’ and if we can get her out of the misery she lives in, one day she will repay a human by being lovely to them.

When we first visited the garbage dump and saw the horror the dogs were living in, we stepped in immediately. We met with city officials and promised that, with your help, we will build a shelter. It will be in a safe place, far from the disease-ridden garbage pit, which makes the street dogs lives pure misery in Trebinje.

 Please donate generously today. Seldom have we seen dogs in more constant torment, seldom is our request to you for support more heartfelt. We have a plan – all we need is your help to rescue all 70 dogs.

Where they are now, on a stinking garbage dump, the dogs have scant hope of being adopted. People simply do not want to go near the stench or flies to view the dogs. These poor animals sit there, day after day hopelessly waiting for human love that never comes.
Our solution? We have found the land and we have designed a shelter – all we need are the funds to get started. We have a chance to provide these dogs with an immeasurably better life and with your donations, we can make that dream a reality.

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