These animals are threatened by extinction, but you can help!

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Care2 are partnering together to drive support for legislation that aims to conserve biodiversity. Will you join us?

Conserving biodiversity is not a luxury — it is a necessity. Human communities count on the social, economic, and ecological benefits of varied species every single day, in ways that are easy to perceive if you know what to look for. Wildlife directly creates economic value in industries like tourism and agriculture. They keep the ecosystems humans depend on for food and water security in balance. COVID-19 has shown us all the danger of zoonoses, or diseases transmitted from animals to humans, which increase in risk when unhealthy human-wildlife contact takes place.

In communities around the world, development and economic growth are inevitable. Sustainability is not only compatible with economic growth — it’s required for optimized growth in the long run. By over-pressuring our natural resources, we risk destroying the most foundational asset that humanity needs to thrive. By conserving them, we ensure a bright future where we can flourish alongside biodiverse wildlife.

There are three species conservation bills that AWF and Care2 are joining together to support: the Global Amphibian Protection Act of 2021, the Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Act of 2021, and the Captive Primate Safety Act. Will you sign the petition to urge your congressperson to back these essential bills?

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