These dogs are forced to fight until one is dead or too injured to keep going

Dog fighting is one of the most heinous forms of animal abuse perpetrated by humans. Essentially, dogs are abused and neglected into becoming violent and are then forced to fight one another, often to the death. All of this is done for human entertainment, often with an aspect of gambling involved. It’s so bad that the majority of the world has completely banned it. Yet it’s still legal in virtually all of Russia and widely practiced. Sign the petition to demand Russia finally protects these innocent dogs and bans dog fighting entirely!

Some dogs are trained to fight other dogs by starvation and physical abuse. Other dogs are used as “bait dogs” for training purposes. Those dogs often have their teeth pulled out or their mouths taped shut so they don’t stand a chance against their aggressor. Bait dogs suffer significant injury, psychological torture and even death. But so do fighting dogs. This “sport” is truly one of the worst things humans do and it must be ended completely.

Sign the petition to demand Russia bans dog fighting entirely!

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