These dogs went to battle, but they were killed at home

Forty-one military working dogs were killed this year in the UK. But it didn’t happen in battle. After years of service to their country, instead of being allowed to spend some time resting in a new home with all the luxuries of a normal life, these dogs were put down. While some were allegedly euthanized because of health problems, others were deemed “unfit” for a home. But the process and the standards applied are unknown — so these dogs may have been deprived of a chance for rehabilitation and rehoming.

With all the dogs that are bred and bought every year, finding a solution for 41 canines that actually worked to protect a country should be mandatory. They gave their everything for their humans’ safety, and the safety of millions of other people in addition. Surely there must be a way to do better by them. Help us ask the British government to invest more resources in caring for the dogs that worked for their protection and security, not only when they are actively in service but also afterwards. Sign the petition to demand that British leaders guarantee a dignified life and a safe haven for these animals when they finish their grueling service.

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