These dogs were almost brutally slaughtered for their meat

When local activists discovered more than 171 pups on a dog meat farm in South Korea, the scene was heartbreaking. Hundreds of sad, dejected animals looked out of sparse, empty metal cages where they’d been locked with insufficient food or water. Trapped alongside the dead bodies of other dogs who had passed away in the same cage with them, apparently from starving to death, these animals were suffering horrific trauma. Others were riddled with infections and diseases. Each dog was destined for death in one way or the other — either through malnutrition and dehydration, or through intentional slaughter. But then, local animal lovers saved these pups and now they’re on their way to recovery!

Residents of South Korea have been speaking out against dog meat for a long time, but the country is still home to thousands of dog meat farms that raise and butcher approximately 2 million pups each year, partly to supply vendors at the annual Bok Nal festival for dog meat-eating. Most dogs who are butchered are killed through extremely brutal means — primarily electrocution and hanging. While 171 of these dogs are now receiving expert veterinary care and attention, millions of others are not so lucky. All dogs deserve this kind of hope and happy ending. We have to fight for them! It’s time for the South Korean government to listen to its people and crack down on the dog meat industry, now!

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