These heartless animal abusers are still on the loose

U.K. Police Must Investigate these Four Gruesome Animal Abuse Cases. Demand Justice for Animals!

Animal lovers in the U.K. are appalled that the criminals behind four heartbreaking cases of animal abuse are still on the loose. There’s even security footage of one man caught in the act, yet no one has been apprehended. These horrific cases include two instances of people forcing dogs to become breeding machines, then abandoning the poor pups to fend for themselves or die. In another case, someone threw away a tiny Shih Tzu puppy — stuffing the animal inside a tied plastic trash bag with his dead sibling. Although rescuers found the little animal before he suffocated to death, they were unable to save him from the effects of previous medical neglect.

Elsewhere in the U.K., an unknown individual shoved a severely injured 5-week-old kitten in a box, then dumped her in a field. Her back leg had such a bad fracture, it was nearly dangling off her bodyVeterinarians ultimately needed to amputate her injured leg. Police must show more concern about these horrific examples of animal abuse, neglect, endangerment, and abandonment! Animal cruelty often precedes abuse against humans, so to prevent future cruelty, it’s important to catch animal abusers early. Surely authorities can agree this is a priority. Tell authorities in the U.K. they must identify and find the individuals responsible for these four unsolved cases of animal abuse, before they escalate their cruelty and potentially target humans! Sign the petition now.

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