These kittens and puppies were locked in tiny, filthy cages covered in rust and feces

During the pandemic, instances of animal neglect and even overt violence have increased as people turn their helplessness, rage, and frustration on the animals stuck at home with them. For those folks who have difficulty caring for their animals on their own, the isolation of the pandemic has made the tragic situation so much worse. That was unfortunately the case for one elderly man in Tennessee who was recently found keeping tiny kittens and puppies in filthy, dilapidated wire cages. It was truly a heartbreaking scene.

Photos from the house of horrors-like property show at least five kittens and two dogs crammed in enclosures that are filled with soot and poop — when there was anything in the barren cages with the animals at all. Animals who were lucky enough to be free roamed about a property littered with old food and water bowls of varying sanitation levels, defunct household items, and more. Fortunately, rescuers have removed these neglected animals from this situation and are in the process of rehoming them. But discoveries like this make it clear how desperately important animal rescue operations are in Tennessee. That’s why agencies like Tennessee’s animal welfare team need more funding, now. Sign the petition if you agree!


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