These poor horses were found with their ears cut off

A series of vicious attacks has Northern France gripped with confusion and terror. At least 10 horses, the most recent of which was just a young filly, have been attacked, tortured, and left mutilated. To add to that, the French authorities have no idea who the assailant is — other than that they are most definitely human. Horses have been electrocuted, forced to run until their heart gives out, and in some cases beaten with a heavy object. Veterinary experts say that some animals may have still been alive when the mutilation began — one or both ears are sliced off, their eyes gouged out, and one even had her genitalia cut away.

These details only get more grim when considering the fact that animal abuse of this nature is quite often linked to the abuse and even murders of human beings. Whoever this individual is, they need to be found, stopped, and given the help they need before any more horses, or even people, are killed in this vicious way. Sign the petition and urge France’s National Gendarmerie to put every effort towards finding whoever is responsible for this brutality.

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