These rescue animals desperately need to be granted safe passage to the U.S.

Charlotte, a veterinarian from the United States, is currently under threat from armed Taliban officers but cannot leave the city of Kabul — because she has not yet received the landing permits necessary to evacuate her rescue animals to the United States. She and her staff are refusing to leave Afghanistan until they can safely take their animals with them, and every day they stay the risk to them increases!

The Taliban have begun using threatening behavior to get Charlotte and her staff to leave immediately. Up to 20 armed guards entered the organization’s property and asked to position officers at Charlotte’s place of residence, which is a complete violation of privacy and safety to her person. This type of behavior is only going to get worse for Charlotte and her staff, who are only staying to ensure the safety of their defenseless animals. Please sign the petition telling Joe Biden to ensure the safety of this incredible woman, her staff, and her animals by granting the landing permits required for evacuation to the United States!

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