These two Galgos that were thrown from a car had been mutilated to remove their microchips

Galgos not Greyhounds!!!

Two greyhounds in the south of Spain are recovering after the most harrowing, heartbreaking ordeal. Police received a call on Monday, December 5 that two severely injured greyhounds had been spotted near Alhama, in the region of Murcia. But when they arrived to help the poor pups, they couldn’t have expected their condition to be so bad. Emaciated and gravely wounded, these greyhounds were terrified. And knowing what they went through, it isn’t hard to understand why.

Witnesses say that the evening before, the dogs had been thrown from a car in the area, cruelly and violently abandoned. And worse yet is that their owner — or rather, abuser — took the liberty of carving out the microchips that had been implanted deep below their skin so that they could not easily be identified and traced back. Whoever did this cannot be left to do it to another defenseless animal. Sign the petition to spread the word, and implore the local authorities, Policía Local Alhama de Murcia, to do whatever they can to find whoever did this!

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