They abuse their dog until neighbors can hear

This will continue to happen until proper penalties are put in place.

A Texas Resident Keeps Abusing Their Dog So Badly, Neighbors Hear Its Screams Through the Walls

A concerned resident in Austin, Texas has been trying to report clear evidence of animal abuse to authorities for more than a year — but so far, police haven’t done anything. Almost two years ago, the woman began hearing sounds of a dog screaming out in pain, along with thudding sounds, in one of her neighbor’s condo units. This was so disturbing, the woman began recording evidence. By documenting the horrific noises she heard and sharing it with police, she hoped to stop her neighbor from continuing to abuse their pet animal over and over again. But that wasn’t enough for authorities.

Then, more recently, the neighbor passed by her door’s security camera — kicking his dog as he walked along. She took this visual evidence to the police as well, and still, nothing’s changed. Police and other authorities have tried passing the buck back-and-forth, saying each agency is waiting for another to take action. But in the meantime, an innocent, helpless, captive animal is being tormented. What is the point in having laws to prevent animal cruelty if officials won’t enforce them? Authorities’ negligent response — despite clear and compelling evidence of abuse — makes them complicit in this problem! Sign the petition to demand that Austin, Texas authorities immediately intervene to protect this abused dog.

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