They abused a young monkey and filmed it for YouTube popularity

Someone Filmed as a Large Dog Attacked a Baby Monkey That Just Wanted to Drink Some Milk

In the video, things start out sweet, but the situation quickly turns grim. A baby macaque appears on camera, and someone reaches in to hand-feed the young animal from a bottle. The first warning sign is the caption text, which states that the videographer was “feeding the baby monkey to make sure he [didn’t] run away.” Then, a large dog approaches and attacks the baby animal, biting it over and over. The little creature desperately clings to its milk bottle and even tries — unsuccessfully — to escape. This brutality continues for nearly nine minutes, all caught on camera, with no human attempting to intervene and save the young monkey. After the person who filmed the disturbing video uploaded it to YouTube, it remained on the company’s platform for almost a full month, collecting views and profits for the corporation.

Unfortunately, this gruesome video is not the only one of its kind on the platform. Such content not only hurts the animals involved, but it can also encourage sadistic copycat videos — meaning more animals will be abused in the future. Even worse, it normalizes this type of behavior, making it seem acceptable to intentionally harm innocent creatures. And, on top of that, for every animal torture video that YouTube allows on its platform, the company makes money. YouTube obviously must do more to protect animals. The social media corporation must stop monetizing animal abuse and enforce stronger policies against animal abuse on its website! Sign the petition if you agree!

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