They are already ripping elephant trunks in half and snapping the limbs of their calves.

This is harrowing news. Care2’s conservation partner FFI have just been hit with an enormous funding gap. Countless animal lives are in imminent danger — so please donate now to help save their lives.

There was already an impending crisis — but now the scene is set for it to get catastrophically worse.

Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains are being covered in snares. 

These gruesome devices are already shredding through the planet’s last few thousand clouded leopards. They are already ripping elephant trunks in half and snapping the limbs of their calves.

They are already slaughtering pangolins, slaughtering sun bears, slaughtering moon bears and slaughtering every living mammal larger than a mouse.

But now the storm is truly rolling in.

FFI’s funding for this project has fallen through.

In the areas they are still able to operate, FFI’s patrol teams have — somehow — been managing to maintain an effective resistance.

Funded by one single incredibly generous donor, they have managed to remove countless snares and save countless animal in the face of this crisis.

They were holding on so well that FFI had real hopes to extend the areas they were protecting.

Now those hopes are all but crushed.

The donor is sadly unable to continue their support. They are left with a £92,345 hole that they must desperately, desperately fill.

If a situation develops where FFI cannot fund the project, warden leaders will soon be unable to pay their patrol teams’ wages, and any who have the means to continue will soon lack the equipment and strategic backing to maintain an effective resistance.

That’s why I’m asking you to please — if you’re at all able to — help them and donate. Please donate and help fill the funding hole.

The amount might seem huge, but if every person who opens this email donates just £30, they could fill that gap before the week is over. 

The good that would do, and the number of animal lives it could save, would be extraordinary.

This £30 will be used in its entirety to directly to fill this funding gap. It will be spent on boots, machetes, camping gear, hammocks, rucksacks and all the necessary equipment that wardens wear in patrol after patrol. It will pay for patrol mapping and pay warden’s wages so they can send their children to school.

If you’re able to give more, then an extraordinary £95 would pay for a GPS kit, which are critically needed by the team to coordinate patrol routes. They can amplify the ability to save lives by multitudes.

If the snares are allowed to build up to a critical mass, it will be fatal. Time is short and there will be no second chances for the animals of the Cardamom Mountains.

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