They are destroying koala habitat!

The Carmichael Coal Mine formally know as Adani, located in central Queensland, Australia, has been found to be clearing potential Koala and endangered animal habitat without the required wildlife spotter as promised by the company. Large mining companies in Australia have been getting away with too much for too long, and the power they have in Australia makes this type of lawless behaviour possible. The Adani Mine has admitted to clearing land without the promised wildlife safeguard and has potentially decimated important Koala habitat as well as that of many other endangered species.

Act now and demand Environmental Minister Sussan Ley follow up on this environmental injustice and hold large mining corporations accountable for the mistakes they make!

This is the fifth documented case of this company breeching environmental codes with hardly any consequences. They seem to believe they are untouchable by Australian law and we need to make sure that isn’t true. Every time a big mining company gets away with environmental injustices, they all become emboldened to break the law. Sign the petition to protect this precious land!

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