They are shooting small wildlife with AR-15s

Animal-Killing Contests Are Inhumane. Why Are They Still Legal?

New York legislators passed an incredible bill that would finally ban wildlife killing contests in the state. These heartbreaking, disturbing tournaments nicknamed “killing contests” are just what you’d expect — competitions to see which hunter is the most effective at spilling blood and butchering the largest number of animals possible. The NY state ban is a big win for animal rights, but in states like Wisconsin, these horrific contests are still legal.

Sign now to tell the Wisconsin state legislature to outlaw wildlife killing contests!

“Killing contests” are events where participants try to kill the most, largest, or smallest of specific wildlife species for cash and prizes. Many wildlife contests are focused on killing coyotes, foxes, squirrels, and raccoons. Stories and images from these events are straight out of a horror film: one investigator described tiny wildlife being gunned down with AR-15s as a messy scene of “brains blown out or their guts hanging out.” It is time that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin State Legislature end these blood-soaked wildlife killing contests forever! Sign the petition if you agree!

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