They covered this dog up and left her to die

Amari the Abandoned Pup Could Have Died Alone in the Scorching Iowa Heat

When authorities found Amari, a sweet mixed-breed pup left to fend for herself in Beaver Park, Iowa, she was in brutal shape. Someone had wrapped Amari in a blanket so tightly, she could not escape, even as temperatures reached the upper 80s.

She was also suffering from anemia, a severe form of the parasitic skin disease called mange, and heart failure. If she had gone even a few more hours alone in that brutal heat, she may not have survived.

If you’re thinking to yourself, who could possibly do this? The answer is: someone who should never be allowed anywhere near an animal again.

Authorities are worried that Amari may be just one animal among many that this person is abusing. That is why it’s so important that local authorities dedicate resources to finding this abuser immediately.

Sign now to tell Cedar Rapids Authorities to find who did this, require them to attend counseling, and ensure they never own animals again!

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