They don’t know how many dogs died there

He Worked in Animal Control. Then Officials Found Dozens of Dead Dog Carcasses at His Home.

A few months ago, workers arrived to perform landscaping work on a property in Fayette County, Tennessee. What they noticed horrified them: bones and decaying bodies of dead dogs lying around the home.

Even worse, the man who lived there was previously an animal control officer.

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Authorities discovered several dogs still living at the property, as well as the remains of dozens of dogs who had died from starvation and severe malnutrition. Even to this day, officials aren’t sure exactly how many dogs perished on the premises.

According to Fayette County Deputy Chief Ray Garcia, “Our investigators spent hours out there digging and locating bones there on the property.”

The man in question has since been arrested. Authorities have charged him with 10 counts of animal cruelty. But the most important step is for officials to ban this man from ever owning, living with, or working with animals again!

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