They dyed this poor pigeon pink for a party

They Dyed a Defenseless Pigeon to Use it in a Gender Reveal Party, Causing Immense Pain

It’s 2023 and people are still obsessing over an infant’s sex at birth, hosting elaborate gatherings where they obnoxiously shoot blue or pink balloons into the air. And, to make matters worse, these parties keep wreaking havoc on animals and the environment.

In the last few years alone, gender reveal parties have started wildfires, dyed rivers blue, and more. In this specific case of a gender-reveal-gone-disastrously-wrong, someone used a poor New York City pigeon as a pawn and dyed it pink!

Dyeing animals can be very hazardous and painful for them, which is why it is illegal in many states.

When authorities found this poor animal, the young bird was severely malnourished, likely unable to hunt or feed itself. The party-goers had disposed of the bird after they used it as a prop.

Animals should not have to suffer because of human “gender reveal” parties anymore!

Sign the petition to demand New York City Mayor Eric Adams and the Mayor’s Office of Animal Welfare investigate who did this and hold them accountable!

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