They purposefully poisoned and killed 350 elephants

People love elephants. And why wouldn’t we? They’re majestic, intelligent, social creatures who babysit each other’s young and mourn the loss of loved ones. Unfortunately, they’re slowly slipping away from this planet. As of this moment, only around 415,000 elephants are left alive on the whole entire continent of Africa. This makes it even more shocking and heartbreaking to learn that the government of Botswana purposefully poisoned and killed 350 of them.

The elephants were reportedly killed because they had destroyed a community’s crops, posssibly forcing humans to go hungry. That is certainly alarming, but there are other ways to deal with this problem. The elephants were not maliciously targeting humans’ food or trying to trample them. Many other countries and regions have found peaceful ways to coexist with wildlife, and solutions range from constructing fences to installing automatically-triggered noises and speakers. Murdering some of the few remaining elephant is not an acceptable solution. Sign the petition to urge the government of Botswana work with conservationists to protect elephants’ lives, and to find a better way to protect crops!

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