They shaved this dog and left him to die in the cold

It was the coldest night on record in Scotland in 11 years, snowy and beautiful. But one homeowner noticed something a bit different about their snowy hedges — a poor, freezing dog had been thrown on top of one of the 6-foot bushes, helpless to get down and to safety. And worse still — the poor thing had been completely shaved, leaving its bare skin defenseless against the freezing temperatures and precipitation. Sign the petition and ask that the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) find whoever shaved and abandoned this dog to freeze to death!

Rescuers identified the dog as a saluki, a breed known for its slight frame and long, straight hair. It’s already susceptible to the cold, but without its coat even more so! Had he not been found, he likely would have died of exposure. Anyone can bring a dog to a shelter if they can no longer care for it for any reason. The person who instead took the cowardly step of abandoning their dog in such a dangerous way must be found. The SSPCA is asking anyone for information, so please contact them if you have any. And sign the petition and support their unending efforts until this would-be animal murderer is found!

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