They stabbed this mama dolphin and left her for dead

Sick! A Dolphin Had Recently Given Birth to a New Baby. Then Someone Stabbed Her to Death, and the Killer Is Still at Large!

In March of this year, authorities found a bottlenose dolphin dead on a beach in Fort Myers, Florida — and she appears to have been violently stabbed to death. Even more disturbingly, this murdered dolphin was a lactating mother, meaning her young, vulnerable calf is now an orphan. Now that it has no source of food, care, or protection, it will likely not survive on its own. This is not an uncommon occurrence. In fact, in less than two decades, more than 30 dolphins have been intentionally stabbed or shot in the Gulf of Mexico alone. Clearly, authorities need to do something to cut down on these horrific deaths.

Officials have offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who helps them find and arrest the perpetrator. While this is a good start, it is not enough. In Florida, there are no laws preventing whoever did this from owning a pet or other helpless animal — even if they are found and convicted. Research shows that when a person commits an act like this to one animal, they’re likely to do it again to another in the future. Florida authorities must first find the perpetrator of this heinous crime. Once they do, officials must ban the individual from ever owning or living with an animal, and revoke their boating license to reduce the likelihood of repeated crimes. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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