This 56-year-old captive orca could be about to die… in the world’s smallest whale pool

Around 52 years ago, a baby orca named Lolita was caught off the coast of Washington State at just 4 years old. Shortly after, she was transported all the way to Miami and has been confined in captivity ever since. Now at the Miami Seaquarium run by The Dolphin Company, Lolita has been trapped in the world’s tiniest whale tank for decades. Even worse, former employees of Seaquarium report that Lolita is gravely ill and the end of her life is near. In fact, insider information reveals that Lolita’s condition is so dire, she is currently on a 24-hour health watch. By the time you read this email, Lolita could potentially have passed away.

Like other whales and dolphins, Lolita is extremely intelligent and social, but given her captivity, has only been able to interact with one other orca. Hugo, the fellow whale she shared captivity with, died tragically after years of self-mutilation — which is unfortunately typical of giant sea creatures trapped in small tanks. Ever since then, she has been completely alone. Lolita deserves to spend her last time on this Earth in a sea sanctuary where she has space to move, so she can feel more free than she has in 52 years. The Dolphin Company must do what is right and ethical. It must transport Lolita to a sea sanctuary if she recovers enough to be safely transported!

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