This aquarium is inside a shopping mall, and it’s a living hell

The Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China is a pathetic excuse for an animal park. Actually located inside of a shopping mall, it’s a prison-like facility where animals are routinely exploited and neglected. Up until recently, one of its many prisoners was a polar bear named Pizza, who had been nicknamed “the world’s saddest bear.” He lived in a tiny glass cage, desperately staring into shoppers’ eyes to beg for his freedom. Care2 members like you spoke out, and Pizza was transferred out of the Grandview Aquarium. But this horrible place is still home to many other animals, all of which are being subjected to heart-wrenching conditions.

The aquarium has been called a living hell for good reason, and it needs to be closed down immediately. Marine mammals like seals and whales usually have a vast ocean to call their home. Being forced to live in an empty tank in a dimly lit facility is absolute torture. And how could an aquarium on the second floor of a shopping mall be an appropriate place for massive, wild animals? The animals here need your help. Sign the petition urging the city of Guangzhou to shut down the Grandview Aquarium and release these animals to a sanctuary now!

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